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Built on years of collective experience, our team of Advocates are at the cutting edge of the property industry and will fight for you to achieve your goals. With innovation, service and results at the forefront of our approach, Provincial Group looks forward to assisting you all the way through your property journey.


Max Waller
Group CEO


Julianne Brewer
NSW and ACT Advocate


Sue Stevens
VIC Advocate


Stuart Donaldson
NSW Advocate and Alliance Partner

Vendor and purchaser advocacy

Property advocacy centres around helping you make the right decisions when it comes to searching, selecting, purchasing and selling property. Provincial Group is your property concierge service that focuses on what you want and how to get it. With years of experience in negotiation, analysis and property markets, we want to make your journey as smooth as possible.

So how do we help?


Property Buyer

When buying, Provincial Group provides property-based advice based on data, during what can be a highly emotional experience, saving you time and the risk of losing money. We negotiate with selling agents, organise inspections, coordinate third party services and assist you in making the right property decision for you.


Property Seller

When selling, Provincial Group is your personal property advisor who can act as a buffer for all the real estate jargon and provide you with the best advice and outcome. We help vendors select the best agent, marketing plan and sale campaign possible, to ensure that the sale meets your objectives.

About Property Advocacy

Provincial Group Property Advocacy aims to provide you with the best property journey possible and protect you from the traps of the industry. From our first conversation until the day you move in, we are here to help you with those difficult decisions throughout your property journey. Our lasting relationships extend well beyond your first property to your next or helping you achieve greater financial success while building your property portfolio.

Your journey with the Provincial Group will be an informative one, an educational one and customer centric as we take the time to understand your needs, now and the future, and we care enough to find a property solution that’s just right for you.

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