As your Buyer’s Advocate
We differ from real estate agents by the fact that we do not sell property or act in the vendor’s interest when buying on your behalf. Instead, we search, research, act and purchase property on behalf of the buyer ensuring the best process and checks have been done and the final price is negotiated in the best interest of you, the purchaser.

With our 30+ years of property transaction experience and research expertise we will help you achieve YOUR best outcome.

As your Vendor Advocate
When advising on the sale of a property, we provide the vendor with standalone market knowledge and data, to best help them make a decision on the best time to sell, the market value and the selection of the best agent to sell your property. We have a range of services and strategies that will enable you to present your property for the highest price, including recommending the best marketing and sales strategies to gain maximum exposure to the right people to achieve the right outcome. Ultimately, we know that selling a property can be stressful, especially if you haven’t done it recently (or ever!) or if the sale is the result of a divorce, death of a loved one or moving a parent into an aged care facility. So, we take a personal approach, rather than a sales approach and work with you to plan what needs to happen and when to get the house sold.

Yes. We are licensed Estate Agents, and active members of the REIV.

We act ONLY for the buyer or the seller with any transaction.

This means we do not sell property or receive commissions to recommend a property from a seller, property developer or real estate agent. We work for you only to help you achieve the best possible outcome while reducing the risks.

A Buyer’s Advocate guides you through each stage of your buying journey to help you find the right property at the best price. They’ll be with you from the first meeting to the first day in your new home. This includes searching the market, providing expert advice, coordinating services, and negotiating the sale price.

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Our Buyer’s Advocates are highly experienced in the ever-changing Australian property market. We guide you through what can be a confusing and stressful process by mapping out your property goals to narrow down your search and helping you think outside the box. As skilled negotiators, we can bid for you at auctions, negotiate private sales and cut through the jargon and mystery of the selling agents. We know buying a property is often the largest investment you’ll make, so we ensure your important journey is mistake-free by protecting you from the traps of the industry. We’ll also connect you to our network of service providers who are ready to help you reach your property dreams.

Read more about Buyer’s Advocates and our 5 step breakdown of the buying process

Most people understand the basic principles of the buying and selling process. However not everyone has the time, research skills, negotiation skills or knowledge to purchase or sell in the market happening right now.

Reduce your risks when selling

When you use a property advocate to sell your property we have a system that we work with every day to select the agent who will be best for your particular property based on their previous experience in selling similar properties, but most importantly achieving great outcomes for similar properties in similar areas.

Not all real estate agents are the same. We filter out the agents who you don’t want to use, and help you select those who will work best on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome for you.

The agent with the most listings IS NOT always the agent who gets the best outcome. We FIND YOU the agent who gets the best outcome.

Reduce the risks when buying

When it comes to buying a property on your behalf, we are expert negotiators and know the tricks and timing of the trade to negotiate your best price within your capacity.

We do the research, compare properties, find comparison sales, study the location and surrounds to save you the endless nights and weekends of lost time with friends and family that often takes second place during these stressful times in your life.

Your Provincial Property Advocate will do all the work and present to you a selection of property within your buying requirements. All you will have to do is pick one!

The average time involved in purchasing a piece of property varies. It depends on the specific nature of the request and the amount of supply in the market place.  Typically it takes between 1-3 months plus the settlement period.

Imagine the time, energy and stress you will not waste when using our services.

Simply put, no result no fee.  The agreed fee only applies when you have successfully purchased or sold. There is no maximum limit when we are assessing suitable properties for you.

No, we help with the buying and selling of properties all over Australia. That includes first homes and investment properties in metro and regional areas, including sea and tree change locations.

Yes, we can help you with finding a property in a relaxed coastal town by the sea or a country town, surrounded by bush land. We can provide recommendations on which areas to buy in, based on data such as the demographics of the region, and we can even give you advice on how to build in a country area.

Yes. The correct legal authority with clear instructions allows us to buy a property on your behalf. We act as your agent/limited power of attorney. We don’t purchase the property ourselves rather it is purchased by you via our authority to act on your behalf.

We do handle multiple clients. ‘Double ups’ are a rare occurrence, and we’ve dealt with these kinds of situations previously. The solution here is to keep open lines of communication and notify parties of any possible clash.  If agreed, we will direct some clients to a third party service provider to ensure the best interests of the client remains.

A Vendor Advocate (also known as a Seller’s Advocate) will guide you through all aspects of your sale and provide you with expert advice to achieve the best sale price without the stress and uncertainty of doing it on your own. They offer value-added services from the appraisal of the property to marketing and sale campaigns, through to selecting buyer offers. Your advocate is skilled in negotiation and interpretation strategies so that you’re always ahead of the pack. Along with the selected agent, you’ll have a powerhouse team behind your next sale.

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Yes and yes! We’ll select the right agent to sell your property based on our experience, knowledge, research and understanding of the agents in your area.

We assess sales within a 5km radius of your property within the last 6 – 12 months and provide a report on who the top 3 agents in the area are during this period.

We’re in touch with the selected agent every step of the way. We’ll relay information from the agent back to you, ensuring we break down the real estate lingo. We also work with the agent to ensure that your expectations are met and help them set a reserve based on your feedback. It’s also likely that we’ll ask them a bunch of questions that you may not have even thought of – that’s what we’re here for.

No, we’re so heavily involved in the process that we take some of the work away from the selling agent. Therefore, they’re happy to share some of their usual commission with us, plus they know that we can potentially introduce them to multiple vendors over time, which means more business for them.

No. You only pay our success fee after you have successfully sold or purchased a property.

Simply put, no result no fee!

Our Buyer’s Advocacy fee is offered at a fixed price plus GST. Our fee will depend on a range of factors, so we customise it according to each project. As a general guide, it’s circa 1% of the expected purchase price, but we agree and lock the fee to a set amount before the service begins. The good news is that you only pay our fee upon a successful purchase being made.


There is no charge to use our Vendor Advocacy service. Our Vendor Advocacy fee is typically 33% of the appointed agent’s pre-agreed commission. This means you get our fantastic service included within the agent’s sale fee, which is only payable IF you achieve a successful sale. This means that we invoice the agent (NOT YOU) at the end of the process, and the agent pays us our portion (typically 33%) from the pre-agreed commission.

One of our key objectives is to ensure that our clients don’t pay a dollar more than they should to own the property they want, or accept a dollar less than the property is worth when selling.

There’s no doubt that our negotiation skills should put you in a better position than negotiating on your own. Putting a figure on this is very subjective, particularly if a property goes to auction.


If there is money to save, then we’ll save it. 


If there’s more on the table, then we’ll find it.

As the property market fluctuates, it is most important to have the experts on your side of the negotiation.

Above all we believe it is about buying the right property that’s attract strong demand or offer great future potential within the market.   When it comes to selling we believe great outcomes are all about being very clear upfront regarding the market and current buyer demand, prior to making key decisions in selling.

We use typical industry approved agreement which helps outline the arrangement between you and us.

Do you have any other questions that we have not answered? Please send them to us so we can help you as soon as we can.