Helping you find the right finance

Because your home loan will probably be your life’s biggest investment, it’s important that you obtain the best research and support when making this decision.

Our role as your mortgage specialist is to provide you with a selection of finance options from our large range of lenders on our panel. Together we assist you with choosing the right loan for your personal circumstances.

Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading, refinancing, investing in property or wanting to pay off your existing home loan sooner, there are many options available and important considerations when choosing your loan.

Provincial Group will guide you through the process to ensure that all your needs and options are considered, and remove the personal stress and worry that comes with doing this by yourself.


How we find your loan

Step 1. We discuss your property goals, how you want to achieve them and the budget you will need to make your dream a reality.

Step 2. We do an audit of your regular expenses, existing debts, savings and assets to work out what you can afford to borrow.

Step 3. As home loan experts, we know what it takes to get your home loan application approved. So we recommend steps you might want to consider to tidy up your finances before applying for a loan (e.g. debt consolidation).

Step 4. We explain the various loan products available to you and the differences between them (e.g. fixed interest vs variable). We’ll also work out which loan features are best suited to you (e.g. an offset account or redraw).

Step 5. We submit the loan application on your behalf and come back to you with the best offer to suit your circumstances and help you achieve your property dreams.

For more information, check out the types of loans available or contact us to discuss how we can help you.