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Buying your next property

Your Buyers Advocate service

Buying a property can be a sometimes scary and stressful exercise, especially if you are listening to those around you who have little or no expertise in the area.

We often hear about poor property choices, after the event. No one purposely intends to purchase a property lemon, however we do hear about it from time to time.

It is particularly important to engage with property buying experts in a changing market, or in a market where you are unfamiliar.

That’s why we offer the Provincial Group expertise, experience and research data to assist you to purchase your next property and reduce your risks along the way.


The Provincial Group Buyers Advocacy service includes:

Your Provincial Group Property Advocacy team allows you to step back and take a breath, while we assist with sound solutions and answers to the following:

  • supporting you in the search for and analyses of properties,
  • negotiating on your behalf on a private sale or bidding at auction,
  • What should I look for when buying a home/investment property?
  • How do I buy at auctions?
  • Should I buy before auction or at auction?
  • What is the best approach for buying at private sales?
  • How can I find out what a property I am interested in is worth?
  • Are there any government grants or incentives I can apply for?
  • What type of property loans should I consider?
  • How much are all the associated costs with buying?

And of course you will have even more questions, so allow the Provincial Group to assist in minimising the exasperation of dealing with the many and varied aspects of buying in the current property market.


Negotiation & Auction Bidding Services

Even if you have the time to look for the right property, we can still be of assistance to you.

We have a service where we can analyse, check, bid and negotiate on your behalf, be it private sales or auctions. We will ensure that all the necessary background checks are completed, and provide answers to questions including:

  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • Have other potential buyers shown interest?
  • How does the agent’s quoted price range compare to the likely expected sale price?
  • Has there been any prior offer made on the property?
  • What additional information do I need to be aware of as a buyer?

How we FIND you your first home, your next home or your investment property for your maximum outcome

Step 1 – Let’s chat

After meeting and understanding your purchasing requirements, your Provincial team will be off and running to find you your perfect home or investment property.

Our initial exploration session will allow us to:

  • Understand your goals, boundaries and objectives.
  • What do you want?
  • Why you want it?
  • What is your budget?
  • What options do you have in the current market?

Step 2 – Engage the right team of experts

After engaging our service, we provide the following as required:

  • Establish your expert purchasing team
    legal, accounting / tax, building and construction advice, independent property valuer, etc.
  • Confirm your borrowing capacity against your budget
  • Coordinate the required funds to purchase – from initial deposits to settlement (Bridging finance).

Step 3 – Education

Buying the right property may sound easy, however if you are not doing this day to day, you may not be aware of the current market place, projected growth or decline in your area of choice, local infrastructure and commitments and other factors that may affect your best purchase price.

As you work with our team of property and finance professionals you will learn a lot about buying a property that you may never have experienced before. Even our biggest investors still rely on our expertise of daily and local knowledge to ensure a great return on their investment.

So we always commence with a property and marketing update while coaching you in locating and identifying your potential new property.

What does that include?

  • Providing initial advice and data around properties that you like.
  • Enhancing your inspections by educating you in what to look out for
  • Reducing wasted time by ruling out properties that won’t suit your requirements
  • Research recent sales data of similar properties in the buying area

Step 4 – Do the work!

Services we help you with, or can do for you:

    • Coordinate your independent builder’s inspection if applicable. (Fees may apply.)
    • Coordinate an independent property valuation (Fees may apply.)
    • Review tax opportunities with your accountant for investment property purchasers if applicable. (Fees may apply.)
    • Provide a legal advisor to review the property documents (Fees may apply.)
    • Communicating with agents on your behalf.
    • Presenting offers, deposit and settlement date (Auction and Private sale).
    • Attend and bid at auction and/or negotiate via private sale
    • Assisting in preparation of special conditions required within the property transaction
    • Oversee the signing of the Contract of Sale
    • Oversee funds required for settlement (including finance, savings, stamp duty, etc.)
    • Coordinate property settlement.
    • Help you with services required for your move. Now that’s a big list.


Your Provincial Buyer Advocacy fee is offered at a fixed price plus GST.

We discuss this with you in our exploration session. It will depend on a range of factors so we customise the fee according to each project.

As a general guide our fees are circa 1% of the expected purchase price but we then agree and lock the fee to a set amount before the service begins.   Naturally fees may vary up or down pending your specific requirements and needs.



You only pay our fee upon a successful purchase being made.

No purchase no fee.