What does a Buyer’s Advocate do?

Buying a property can be a scary, stressful and confusing exercise, particularly if you’re buying in a market you’re unfamiliar with. We can reduce these feelings and add value to your buying experience by saving you time and money. Whether you’re buying your first home, an investment property or wanting to make a tree change, we’re ready to help with our five steps to buying success:

Step 1 – Let’s chat

The first thing we do is meet with you to understand your buying requirements.

Our initial exploration session will allow us to:

  • Understand your goals and objectives
  • Find out what you want – what are your ‘must haves’ versus ‘nice to haves’? (e.g. do you need to be close to a train station? Will you compromise on outdoor space?)
  • Explore your budget
  • Discuss the options you have in the current market
  • Walk you through the associated costs of buying property

Step 2 – Establish your team of purchasing experts

Based on your requirements, we connect you with experts in the following areas as required to help you on your property journey:

  • Property law
  • Accounting/tax
  • Building and construction
  • Property valuations

Step 3 – Confirm your finance options

We provide the following information regarding the finance options available to you:

  • Your borrowing capacity against your budget
  • Your required funds to purchase – from initial deposits to settlement (bridging finance)
  • A recommendation of the best type of property loan for you to consider
  • Government grants or incentives that you might be eligible for

Step 4 – Education

Buying the right property may sound easy, but if you’re not doing this day to day, you may not be aware of the current property market conditions. Even our biggest investors still rely on our expertise of daily and local knowledge to ensure a great return on their investment.

As property experts, we’ll provide you with the latest market updates and our coaching will cover:

  • The projected growth or decline in your desired locations
  • Local infrastructure and other factors that may affect your best purchase price
  • Advice and data about the properties that you like
  • Recent sales data of similar properties in the buying area
  • What to look out for during an inspection
  • The best approaches for buying at private sales, putting in an offer before an auction and bidding at auctions

Step 5 – Do the work

There’s so much that needs to be done from when you first start looking at properties to when you move into or lease your new home. Here’s a list of all the services we can provide to make the journey as easy as possible:

  • Compile a range of properties you may not have considered before to get you thinking outside the square and help narrow down what’s important to you
  • Reduce wasted time by ruling out properties that won’t suit your requirements
  • Coordinate an independent builder’s inspection*
  • Coordinate an independent property valuation*
  • Review tax opportunities with your accountant for investment property purchasers*
  • Provide a legal advisor to review the property documents*
  • Communicate with agents on your behalf
  • Negotiate a private sale or bid at auction on your behalf
  • Assist in preparation of special conditions required within the property transaction
  • Oversee the signing of the Contract of Sale
  • Oversee funds required for settlement (including finance, savings, stamp duty, etc.)
  • Coordinate property settlement
  • Help you with the services required for your move*


*Fees may apply

Negotiation & auction bidding services

Perhaps you have the time and knowledge to find the right property but need help at the pointy end of the sale. Whether it’s a private sale or auction, we can analyse, check, bid, and negotiate on your behalf. We’ll ensure that all the necessary background checks are completed, and provide answers to questions including:

  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • Have other potential buyers shown interest?
  • How does the agent’s quoted price range compare to the likely expected sale price?
  • Has there been any prior offer made on the property?
  • What additional information do I need to be aware of as a buyer?

And of course, you’ll have even more questions, so allow us to assist in minimising the frustration of dealing with the many and varied aspects of buying in the current property market.


Our Buyer Advocacy fee is offered at a fixed price plus GST.

We discuss this with you in step 1 during our exploration session. Our fee will depend on a range of factors, so we customise it according to each project.

As a general guide, our fees are circa 1% of the expected purchase price, but we agree and lock the fee to a set amount before the service begins. Naturally, fees may vary up or down pending your specific requirements and needs.

The good news is that you only pay our fee upon a successful purchase being made.

Contact us to get started on your property journey.