Business finance

Provincial Group can advise on the best business loan products to fund your business growth and initiatives. We’re a trusted finance partner for many of our business clients.

We advise on the suitability and competitiveness of existing loans and help acquire new funds.

There’s many repayment options to suit different cash flow requirements.  Business loans are available with loan terms of more than one year, with a choice of fixed or variable interest rates. We can also help you with other options, such as overdrafts, invoicing finance and bulk principal repayments.

In addition to this, many business owners have found that they can save thousands of dollars in interest expenses by undertaking a review of their finances. Some of the ways we have helped them do this are by:

  • Restructuring or consolidating debt
  • Refinancing to a more competitive lender
  • Obtaining new loans to fund growth
  • Conducting financial audits


Commercial property loans

We have a specialist team of managers with specific industry experience and expertise to assist with a range of property developments from industrial and commercial to residential and recreational.

Some specific areas we can assist with are:

  • Strata title offices
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Retail outlets
  • Franchises
  • Specialised securities
  • Holiday let apartments
  • Working capital finance
  • Factories, shops and vacant land

Depending on the development, we can typically arrange a development loan for up to 70% of the gross value of the property, and even up to 100% on the total development cost (depending on the strength of the development).


Debtor finance

Cash flow funding is a facility to provide your business with funding outstanding invoices giving quick access to the proceeds of approved credit sales, often within 24 hours of processing the invoices.

Short term funding is also available by offering the equity in property without any need to refinance the property.

This facility is ideal for financing the needs of well managed and financially sound businesses. It is fully confidential with all existing collection and customer relationship functions retained by the business.


  • Removes the need to offer discounts to customers for early settlement of accounts
  • Generates significant profits from potentially accessing supplier discounts for early payment
  • Accelerates cash flow by receiving payments sooner and making more effective use of available working capital


Franchise funding

In today’s modern world a number of known brands and even many lesser known brands have franchised operations and provide opportunities for business owners to enter into a business based on a tried and proven business.

Most banks now have franchise loans wherein they will extend some security value against the ‘brand’ of a franchise. This may mean clients need not necessarily provide as much security as the business will have an underlying value that a bank will rely upon. This value does not normally exist with other business types outside the franchise systems.

We are well versed with finance for franchises and aware of what packages are available via different financial institutions. Even some lesser known franchises can still be financed and we are well placed to assist.


Agriculture lending

Provincial Group has a range of financing solutions for agricultural based businesses. We will work with you to fully understand your business, support your growth and consolidation plans as well as providing for short term needs.

Some of the services Provincial Group can assist with include:

  • Transactional solutions
  • Overdraft requirements
  • Equipment financing and leasing
  • Crop financing
  • Long term borrowing

Provincial Group understands that our relationship with agribusiness clients often covers a life cycle. We pride ourselves on assisting our clients with their current farming activities, assisting them with diversifying their business interests into other areas and successfully handing over their business to the next generation.

Not sure what your business needs? Contact us for a free consultation.