The ‘Pod’ and Country Living. How Max and Tara have made their tree change work.

In 2020, Max and Tara Waller made the move from Melbourne to the Central Highlands of Victoria, along with their baby son. They now operate Provincial Group from the country, with the help of their prefabricated office pod and regular trips to Melbourne when their work needs them to be there. They share their different…

Buying the dream. How to buy your ‘forever home’ in the country.

While many of us dream about a simpler, slower and more peaceful life in the country, the reality is that one in five tree/sea changers don’t make it.

The Country Shuffle. Will your move to the coast or the country last?

Working in my family real estate business in central Victoria 30 years ago, my younger brother and I would make bets on which of our Melbourne buyers would last in the country.

The changing appetite of property buyers…

Out of the many challenges of COVID, new changes are emerging that show green shoots in the greater property sector that have not been seen before. So much so that Demographer, Bernard Salt AM and Simon Pressley, head of property research at Propertyology, have coined new phrases relevant to the emerging market.